"Our staff Holiday dinner was amazing, beautiful, luscious and delicious. Her adventurous palate and artistry combine smoothly and easily into art made for dining."
- Eron Johnson, Denver, CO

"I have had the pleasure of dining on Jessica Shields’ cooking on many occasions. She is one of the most original and talented chefs I have ever experienced, and I eat often in some of the best restaurants in the country. Her food is fresh and contemporary and full of personality all her own."
-Sondra Baker, Los Angelas, CA

“Jessica brings the true talent of an artist to food. Besides the incredible taste and variety, a meal is delivered with a flair that is creative, elegant and inviting. Jessica's meal would rival anything you would have in the restaurants of NY, LA or San Francisco.”
-Carol Bonnie, San Francisco, CA/ Middleburg, VA

“Jessica was a wonderful hostess, gourmet chef, holiday guide and great companion during our holiday in Colorado. She produced magnificent mouth-watering delights for breakfast and dinner, to the delight of the 4 children and 6 adults. She was highly professional and always appeared incredibly calm. She was able to chat about our day or help us with our holiday plans whilst working hard to produce complex and delicious dinners. Every meal was beautifully presented and demonstrated her love for recipes from around the world. We enjoyed being educated by her stories of her travels and the inspiration for her recipes. She had a super approach to the children who adored her and was very generous in spending time with them. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jessica as a private chef and perfect hostess for a family or larger group and I suggest you hang onto her for as long as you can!”
-Dr Caitlyn Dowson , Shropshire, England

“Jessica Shields is a brilliant combination of artistry and efficiency. She arrived looking like the lovely professional chef that she is, bringing all that she needed in order to prepare an unforgettable meal for 8 of us. On very short notice, she had pulled together all of the ingredients and was so organized that she insisted I go and relax until dinner was served. Each course was beautifully presented, at the highest culinary levels of creativity and deliciousness, and paired with the perfect wines. As each course was presented we responded with applause for the sheer beauty of each plate. All of our guests ate in silence while first tasting each course before jumping back to lively conversation -- just relishing in the sensory pleasure of such wonderful and fresh tastes. Her dishes were creative and sophisticated but not contrived.
Once our guests left, we walked in to a spotless kitchen with nothing to do but reflect on a memorable evening.”
-Sonia Fitzgibbon Annapolis, MD